Corporate Culture-大象2016尾牙
Corporate Culture-大象艺术总部大楼
Corporate Culture-annual “Best Designer ”Award party
annual “Best Designer ”Award party
Corporate Culture-Employee's amateur life
Employee's amateur life
Corporate Culture-Corporate annual exhibition
Corporate annual exhibition
Corporate Culture-2012 first season basketball game
2012 first season basketball game
Corporate Culture-ESAC International cooperative friend
ESAC International cooperative friend
Corporate Culture-Summitry Discuss Site
Summitry Discuss Site
Corporate Culture-ESAC Art Award Site
ESAC Art Award Site
Corporate Culture-2013  “ESAC elite” summit
2013 “ESAC elite” summit
Corporate Culture- Dec. Taishan tourism
Dec. Taishan tourism
Corporate Culture-Birthday party
Birthday party
Corporate Culture-Elephant Field of Vision the 3rd issue
Elephant Field of Vision the 3rd issue
Corporate Culture-Housewarming
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