Indoor and outdoor children theme park

Cartoon love paradise is the big indoor children theme park that focus on the children of 3 to 15 years old.
Until now it already built 10000 s.q.m. theme parks all over China.

Outdoor theme park

Unique creativeness, the building,landscape,amusement park that could offer tourist a special scene for enjoy, experience tourism feeling.
It could be divided into Land Park, Ocean Park, Water Park, Wildlife Park by business model.

Store Hotel

Domestic professional theme hotel design, real case, welcome to visit. 
Specialize in supplying the design for Specialty stores and theme hotels.

The wax museum to join

Guangdong Silent Greatness Investment management co., LTD located at 760 Creative cultural industry park of zhongshan, Guangdong. 
The company focus on the investment of wax museum and promotion of wax art. 
It's one of the earliest organization dealing with wax art. Has been in the wax art field for over 15 years.